About us

The story of Chocolatier Dumon starts back in 1992, when Stephan Dumon started with high dedication, a small scale production of artisan truffles for bakeries and pastry chefs nearby Torhout (just outside Bruges). Being a scolared Chef Chocolatier at Bruges' 'Ter Groene Poorte-school', he started writing his own story. Very soon neighbours in Torhout asked if they could buy from him as well. So a small, part-time shop was set up in the garage.

Already in 1996 Stephan's mother opened her own unique shop at the 'Eiermarkt' in the town centre of Bruges. A unique combination of the medieval architecture with the ultra-fresh, traditional pralines. Soon it became a landmark for tourists from all over the world visiting Bruges. 

In 1999 Stephan's brother as well initiated a shop at the 'Walstraat' near the city's brewery 'De Halve Maan' and The Beguinage. Today this shop is run by mrs Chantal Maenhout.

In 2008 a new big step was taken as a whole new concept was finalised on another unforgettable location in medieval Bruges: Simon Stevinsquare. This store combines the best of our chocolates with the fine Italian coffee culture of Illy. A totally new range of pralines was on offer with genuine tastes and a modern twist in a contemporary shape. Take a walk inside this shop! The true Chocolate Hotspot in Bruges!

Since 2010, new ownership of production by mr Jelle Descamps guarantees the preservation of the taste of our fine fresh chocolates in Bruges and abroad. In 2010 a new shop in Kortrijk was opened as well. The aim for our experienced team of well-skilled chocolatiers is to maintain our high quality standards and to tickle the tastebuds of our choc-o-holics with ever renewing taste combinations. All off course in great respect of traditional craftmanship and top products. If you start with inferior raw materials, you will never deliver superior chocolates in the end.

In 2013 and 2016 this continuous search of chocolate-excellence has led to the endorsment by Gault & Millau in their, first-ever, shortlist of top chocolatiers and pastry chefs in Belgium and Luxemburg.

The high standards of raw materials, freshness, quality and self-censoring has been the germ of our success since the very first day. And we still raise the bar everyday! As popularity of our chocolates grew, the production-facilities grew along. In 2014 this led to building an entirely new workshop and shop in Torhout. October 2014 was a giant milepole for Chocolaterie Dumon as we moved the epicentre of our chocolate heaven to our new workshop. A completely new workshop and shop was built in less than 6 months. A state-of-the-art building with several smart energy-saving techniques (regarding isolation, heat-pumps, geothermia for heating, solar panels, rainwater recuperation, LED lighting...). All in an effort to reduce our ecological footprint to an absolute minimum and still creating an inspiring workingspace for our chocolatiers.

We are eagerly looking forward to serving you in one of our shops to let you experience what chocolate does to us!

The team of Chocolatier Dumon.